The curriculum consists of a prerequisite block containing 18 credit hours, as well as our core and concentration class work consisting of 33 credit hours.

In total, our MBA has five blocks of courses:

  • Block 1 is a beginning series of courses to lay the foundation for students without any business background or academic training.
  • Block 2 provides master's-level coursework in business, incorporating cross functional integration of economics, finance, accounting and statistics along with course work in team building and negotiations.
  • Block 3 expands on the strategic focus identified in Block 2 while giving students some level of choice.
  • Block 4 is comprised of three elective courses, which the student may select to meet specific career needs. Within this block of courses, a student could choose to complete a concentration in strategic management, accounting, human resource management, corporate finance, personal finance, strategic marketing, healthcare administration or international business.
  • Block 5 is comprised of the capstone course.


Niagara University's MBA program includes a series of six 500-level "prerequisite" courses. This coursework is designed to provide a solid business foundation for students who did not study business related fields as undergraduates.

Students who have previously studied the topics covered in 500 level courses, with a grade of C or better, are eligible to have them waived. The chart below describes the course work Niagara University undergraduates must complete in order to be exempt from each 500-level requirement.

All students, regardless of which institution their undergraduate degree was earned at, are eligible to have courses waived. Evaluating non-Niagara University undergraduate coursework for substitution credit will be done on a case-by-case basis. Students that can demonstrate the successful completion of classes similar to the courses listed in the "NU Undergraduate Equivalent Courses" column will be  considered for exemption from the corresponding MBA classes. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the MBA office at with any questions they may have regarding 500-level prerequisite course substitutions.

MBA CourseNU Undergraduate Equivalent
ACC 505: Fundamentals of Financial & Managerial Accounting ACC 111 Financial Accounting and ACC 112 Management Accounting
MGT 515: Analysis of Quantitative Data MAT 102 Intro to Statistics or MAT 201 Business Statistics I AND ECO 231 Business Statistics II
ECO 525: Economics for Managers ECO 101 Principles of Macroeconomics and ECO 102 Principles of Microeconomics
MGT 560: Law & Business Ethics LAW 301 Business Law I and
LAW 302 Business Law II or LAW 205 Legal Environment of Business AND PHI 206 Ethics
MGT 565: Communications for Executives ENG 231 Business Communications
MGT 570: Management Principles MGT 271 Management Principles

Curriculum Cards: