Employer Reimbursement Policy

  • Students are responsible for tuition and expenses incurred
  • If a student is being reimbursed by their employer, a copy of the employer's tuition assistance plan must be submitted to the Student Accounts Office and will be maintained on file as long as the student is enrolled.
  • Any student may defer the payment of tuition for a particular semester with the submission of a post-dated check or credit card for full amount due plus a $10.00 processing fee at the time they are billed as shown below.

All post-dated checks or credit cards are to be submitted to:

Niagara University
Student Accounts Office
P.O. Box 2004
Niagara University, NY 14109-2004

  • Credit Cards may also be phoned in to (716) 286-8300.  Please ensure the Students Accounts representative is aware that you are requesting a post-dated payment.
  • The Student Accounts Office at (716) 286-8300 can give the dates to be used for the post-dated checks.
  • The above procedure should be used to avoid the assessment of late payment fees and the cancellation of a semester's registration due to failure to pay one's tuition.
  • For more information consult the appropriate college catalog or contact the Student Accounts Office concerning billing and registration policies.