Global Trade Missions

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The MBA program at Niagara University has an ongoing commitment to internationalize its curriculum. One way that this commitment is demonstrated is through its study abroad programs. Each summer, the MBA program offers an overseas opportunity for its students in a variety of locations such as London, England, Berlin, Germany and Stockholm/Riga. Moreover, these are not conventional study abroad programs that require you to spend the summer in Europe; rather, they are organized to allow the working student to participate.

These programs are made as affordable as possible to allow each and every student the opportunity to participate. The low cost of the program allows spouses and guests to accompany students on this excursion. Keep in mind also that a participating student would need only seven or eight days of vacation time from work. Many alumni accompany us on these excursions. The affordable nature of the MBA Study Abroad Program has allowed the Niagara program to be one of the national leaders in student participation rates.