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MBA Co-op/Internship

MGT 683: MBA CO-OP/Internship Registration Procedure

(Please note, there is a separate procedure for Healthcare Administration students, please contact the MBA Office at


1. Student must contact the Career Services Office; the current contact is Tina Johnston (email: The information required is as follows:

  • Must be prepared with company contact information (including the address, telephone number, supervisor name and supervisor number)
  • Supervisor must provide a written description of the intern responsibilities

2. With the information provided, Career Services will complete a Position Review Form that will be sent to the MBA office for approval.

3. Once the Position Review Form is approved and sent back to Career Services, Career Services will draw up an official Co-op Contract.

4. This contract is sent to the College of Business for appropriate signatures and finally, sent to Records for registration of MGT 683.

5. Set up meeting with MBA Faculty Supervisor.

6. At the completion of the placement, a completed Employer Evaluation Form must be submitted. Please submit form to Tina Johnston (email:



In order to receive credit for MGT 683: MBA Co-op, students must complete a paper evaluating their experience. This paper is a reflection on the knowledge acquired from participating in a 180 hour (minimum) internship. The following topics are to be included:

  • Pertinent company information - This could include, but is not limited to, a brief history of the company/organization, its competitive position in the marketplace, the current form of business organization (corporation, LLC, partnership, etc.)
  • Internship position and responsibilities - On an average day, what did you do on the job?
  • Relevance to approved program of study - Explain how your experience relates to your program. Include any observations you made during your internship that may have been directly or indirectly related to your business coursework. For example, what type of management style(s) did you notice? How does the organization market its products and/or services? Be sure to link specific theories and concepts from your business coursework to your practical experiences.
  • Evaluation of the overall success of the internship - Discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of your effort. If you were to repeat this experience, what would you change and why? Do you have any recommendations to make to your cooperating firm regarding business operations and/or the internship experience?
  • Reflection - What did you learn from internship? Provide a summary of the values or lessons learned from your internship. What will you take away from this experience? How did it differ from your expectations? What did you learn about yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses? How will you go about addressing those weaknesses?


Length: Between 5 and 8 pages; 11 point font, conventional margins

This paper should be well written and free of grammatical errors. The paper must include both an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction should inform the reader as to the content of the paper. The conclusion should summarize your most important points. There should be no new information introduced in the conclusion.

This is to be submitted to the MBA Director as an attachment via email at